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Behind the heart of S&L is a desire to glorify God with our time and talents.  We hope you find our devotionals to be inspirational and as much of an encouragement in your life as it is in ours.

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We love to DIY. From building and decorating, home decor and crafting to recipes and kids activities, these tutorials are what we’ve tried so far!

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From tees to totes to some of our featured DIYs, shop our Etsy listings here or visit our shop. Happy hunting!

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DIY Monogram Laurel Wreath

November 30, 2016 | No Comments

Greenery is the perfect “every season” decoration. Pine and cedar during the winter, fresh flowers and vines in the spring and summertime, magnolia wreaths… okay. Those are great every single day, let’s be honest! Laurel wreaths are everywhere these days, including our fall printables from a few weeks ago! A good friend of mine saw […]

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How to Host Friendsgiving

November 23, 2016 | 1 Comment

This year will be my first year making a turkey. I’m a little nervous about it even though the instructions are clearly written on the back of the turkey packaging. I figure it could go one of three ways: I burn the turkey a la The Santa Clause; the turkey is so dry its inedible a […]

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Thanksgiving Centerpieces & Decor

November 21, 2016 | No Comments

It’s so easy for this great holiday to get overlooked. When we decorate for Halloween in August & Christmas the day after Halloween, where is the love for Thanksgiving? Even as I am thinking these things, I am listening to my Pandora Christmas station, watching Miracle on 34th Street, and slowly transforming my home into […]

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Attitude of Gratitude

November 18, 2016 | 2 Comments

Which of us hasn’t at one time or another envied someone else? In our culture of putting your best face forward on social media, most of what we see from others is their “highlight reel.” We rarely hear of the struggles and dark times until they are over. It’s easy to look at someone else’s […]

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Hot Apple Cider Bar

November 14, 2016 | 1 Comment

Yesterday, my mom and I were talking about Thanksgiving and who’s bringing what for the big family meal, and it hit me. Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away! Does anyone else feel like this year has just flown by? Once I recovered from that realization, happiness took over because, as y’all know, this season […]

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DIY Wood Gather Sign

November 9, 2016 | 27 Comments

A wood sign is the perfect way to add a rustic element to your home. One of my favorite things to look for when out thrifting are signs, and many times I have to pass on them because they’re either too expensive or too elusive. The good news? You can easily make your own! I’m not […]

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Toddler Trick or Treat Costumes

November 1, 2016 | 1 Comment

It’s November 1st and MIXmas is playing on the radio, but we’re still getting over how much fun last night’s Trick or Treating was! It was the first time for two of our kids to dress up and head out for trick or treating in the neighborhood, and there was a ton of excitement (and way […]

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Fun Activities for Fall

October 29, 2016 | 9 Comments

We share so much on here about our latest projects and favorite recipes, and probably just look like busy bees all the time! There’s so much more to this season than cute outfits, fall scents and good food, though. One of the best things about this season (or any season) is who you spend it with, and […]

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Favorite Fall Recipes: Part 2

October 28, 2016 | 1 Comment

Didn’t you just love the recipes from Jess in Part 1? White chili is one of my favorite things to eat, ever! Only in my house, we break the rules and eat it year round (shhh! Don’t tell anyone.). Now it’s time for Part 2! Most of my favorite fall recipes are made by other […]

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Favorite Fall Recipes: Part 1

October 24, 2016 | 42 Comments

One of the most awesome things about blogging with someone else is you have double the ideas. That’s awesome all the time, but this week it’s even better because we’re sharing double the amount of our favorite fall recipes with you! It was really chilly over the weekend and the leaves have almost all turned here in […]

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Craft Week: Free Fall Printables

October 22, 2016 | 1 Comment

It’s officially fall, yay! Have you started decorating yet? We started when September hit and got inspired by some seasonal decor from fellow bloggers which you can read all about here. As October approaches, though, the weather starts to feel a lot more like fall so we break out our hoodies, light up the fire pits and […]

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Craft Week: DIY Fabric Pumpkins

October 19, 2016 | 27 Comments

The first time I saw these fabric pumpkins was actually in the form of a gift from my mom. My parents occasionally take a little weekend getaway and they love stopping at little crafty fairs. My mom bought me a cute little fabric pumpkin that was immediately added to my fall decor. I never even […]

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Craft Week: DIY Floating Table

October 17, 2016 | 37 Comments

One of the best things about the fall season is all of the crafts and DIYs that come along with it! If you haven’t noticed, we have a thing about decorating with pumpkins, using them on the front porch and in the dining room not to mention in vignettes and on mantles in the rest […]

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S&L Devos: Be Still & Know

October 14, 2016 | No Comments

Be still and know that I am God. Psalm 46:10a A friend recently asked me to be part of a musical project he’s been working on for some time. My response, of course, was yes! Absolutely. How can I help? As we began planning, I added in dates to my calendar and noticed that I […]

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Fall Style Challenge

October 12, 2016 | No Comments

Fall fashion. Okay, admittedly I look at some of the fall fashion trends and go, really!?! I would never wear that in a million years! I am all about being on trend, but in a flattering way, you know what I mean? So my fall fashion generally comes from Pinterest inspiration or modifying the latest […]

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