In Minutes: 5 Minute Hairstyles

So here’s the deal. If you’re a mom, work outside the house or are in school (or any combination thereof), you probably don’t have hours to spend on your hair every morning. You also probably don’t love going out looking like you just woke up and didn’t have time to brush your hair (even if that’s absolutely the case).  Friends, we’ve got you! I love, love, love having 5-minute go to hairstyles that look beautiful and put together. They are equally great for heading to work during the week, kids activities, church, outings and trips to the grocery on the weekends!

I’m linking below to seven of my favorite hairstyles, good for most any occasion and all of which take 5 minutes or less!


The Double Braid

I love this hairstyle! It can go dressy or casual depending on how loose the braid is, and it’s great for layers! I have tons of layers in my hair and a standard braid ends up with loose sections of hair all over the place because of it. To get this look, braid a small section of hair starting at your forehead. When you’ve braided around to the back of your neck, tie off with a clear ponytail holder, then braid it into the rest of your hair and around to the side of your shoulder. Sounds complicated, but takes no time!

The Loose “Braid”

This “braid” reminds me of the days as a kid where we’d put our hair in a ponytail, split the ponytail just above the elastic band and pull the “tail” through. This way is a lot prettier, though, and makes a beautiful faux braid. Pull the sides for a looser look, and curl any stray hairs to dress it up.

Five Minute Curls

If I actually curled my hair, it would take me 30 minutes, easy, which I absolutely do not have time for. There are two ways you can achieve this look. The first is shown step-by-step above. The second is a little hack I have used for years.

Wash your hair before bed. Brush it out, add hair gel then towel dry. Twist your hair into a bun on the top of your head and go to sleep. The next morning, let your hair down and you’ll have tousled waves. Typically, the top layer needs a little love, so use a flat or barrel iron to curl any parts of the top layer that need more curl (usually only three or four sections). Spray with hairspray and you’re done!

The Dressy side braid

For more formal occasions, or just because you want to dress up your hair a bit, this side braid is a great alternative to #1. Start at your forehead and braid just like normal. Once you pull your hair around to one side, start a fishtail braid. To do this, split your hair into two sections and gather small strands from one section to the other and vice versa, alternating sides until you’ve completed the braid. Secure with a clear elastic.

The Braided Topknot

If you know me or follow me on social media, it’s pretty evident that I rock the topknot quite often. So to find a little twist on that made me so happy! This look is totally easy and absolutely cute! It has quickly become a new favorite of mine.

The side bun

I love this option for warm and/or dressy occasions. It’s also a really cute look to rock with a plain old tee shirt and maxi to keep people guessing! The best part? It’s really easy!!!

The Bouffant Bun

This hairstyle is one of my favorites. I’m growing out my bangs right now, and they’re impossible to style well … or they were until now! When I don’t have them pinned back, this is a great (and cute) alternative! Even if you don’t have bangs, this is a simple and beautiful hairstyle that’s really versatile and, obviously, really quick for those rushed mornings!

All right, friends! That’s a hairstyle for every day of the week. I hope this saves you time (and sanity). I always like to think the 15 extra minutes I get thanks to 5 minute hairstyles mean time to stop for coffee, but that’s just me!

We’ve got lots more ways you can do those everyday things in significantly less time coming up this week and next, so stay tuned! Y’all have a great week!

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